Sunday, May 23, 2010

Relay for Life Fundraiser for Katie

Katie and the Milton Stingers soccer team

Katie accepting the relay for life donation and pink roses
The Milton Stingers boys soccer team running with a Kickin it for Katie bannerKatie's cousin Eric organized a fund raiser for Katie and our Relay for Life team. He and his soccer team raised $300 for the Relay for Life in Katie's name. At a soccer game today near Katie's home town, the whole team wore pink arm bands to signify their support for our fight against cancer and they gave Katie a giant check for $300, one pink rose from each person on the team, and a soccer ball signed by every person on the team. It was a heart warming event and we are very happy and thankful to the team and the parents who support them. We are especially proud of Eric's efforts to organize this fund raiser and make his little cousin Katie feel so very special. Thank you.
Katie, Amy, and Josh posing with the giant check donating $300 to the Relay for Life in Katie's name

The Last Infusion and a Farm Update

Katie had her last infusion of chemotherapy Friday. She is still taking chemotherapy drugs in pill form for another 16 days, but she will not have to go back to Fletcher Allen for any more chemo through her port. She is feeling good and her blood counts are up. With any luck, she will finish out these next 16 days strong.

Back on the farm, we added another calf, 36 more chickens and 3 turkeys. Katie's favorite farm critters right now are the chicks. She really loves them when they are young, cute, and fuzzy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relay for Life Coming Up Fast

We are participating in the Relay for Life again this year. The relay will take place on Saturday, June 26th this year at North Country Union High School. Katie and Josh both plan on attending and staying through the night. Last year, Katie lasted late into the night and walked lap after lap despite having had a heavy dose of chemotherapy that included intravenous Vincristine and intrathecal Methotrexate just two days before the event. This year, she will get her very last dose of chemotherapy eighteen days before the event. This will be her very first Relay for Life as a post treatment survivor.

If you want to join our team or donate to our cause, please visit