Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smooth Sailing

It seems like the whole world is getting sick right now, but not Katie and Josh. Kids in the high school where Amy and I work were getting sick left and right a little more than a week ago. Many of them had H1N1 symptoms, but our local hospital did not test them to verify the illness. Now kids in Josh and Katie's school are getting sick one after another. One of Josh's classmates is out of school today with a fever that approaches 104 as soon as the fever reducing medication wears off. Another classmate was out for an entire week with fevers every day.

Katie and Josh have both had their seasonal flu shot and the first H1N1 shot and we feel very fortunate that they were able to get them. Up to this point at least, those shots have done a fine job of protecting our children from the worst of the worst.